Comfyballs Fight For Your Balls

Norwegian underwear brand Comfyballs is running “Fight For Your Balls”, a campaign challenging American resistance to the brand name. The US Patent & Trademark Office won’t allow the company to trademark their brand due to the inclusion of the word “balls”, which is deemed to be vulgar. Comfy Balls can think of many vulgar words describing this particular part of the male body, but “balls” is not among them. They’ve made a NSWF film to underline their point.


The Fight For Your Balls campaign, online at and Facebook, includes a competition to find an alternative name for the underwear brand in the USA

“We wanted to see if going to the extreme and showing normal, unretouched balls would be sickening or vulgar. Our verdict is no. The point is of course that even if we were to show balls on the packaging, which we won’t, you could argue whether this would be vulgar or not. As it stands, our super comfortable underwear is exclusively produced for discerning men, also in the US. The word “balls” is part of the American vernacular describing, among other things, guts or courage. We hope of course that even the USPTO will show some of those, if not on film.”

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