Diesel Footwear Fuck Expectations

Diesel Footwear Espana is promoting the Spring/Summer collection with a print advertising campaign featuring photobombing animals. The brand is associated with a casual, maverick approach to advertising with an unexpected playful twists. Madrid agency Imaginarte used photobombing to alter the normal state of affairs. Photographs of a romantic picnic in the park and a formal opening ceremony on the beach are transformed by the sight of ponies and puppies sharing their own intimate moments in the background. The tag line, #fuckexpectations. The campaign, online at dieselfootwear.es and facebook.com/dieselfootwear.


Diesel Footwear and Photobombing Picnic Ponies

Diesel Footwear Politicians and Photobombing Dogs

Diesel Footwear Facebook page


The Diesel Footwear Fuck Expectations campaign was developed at Imaginarte, Alicante, Spain, by creative director Antonio Piñero, art director Victor Izquierdo, copywriter Nacho Macho, and photographer/producer José Campello.

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