We Come Together

The International Aids Alliance is running “Come Together”, an X-rated television commercial featuring couples from a range of sexes, ages and ethnic backgrounds experiencing their orgasmic moments. Screened after 11 pm on four channels in the UK, the raunchy advert was designed not to shock, but to highlight the continued importance of addressing the HIV epidemic. Viewers are invited to visit the We Come Together website, www.wecometogether.org, where they can register for their own Valentines Day Welcome Box in return for an online donation. Inside the Welcome Box is everything you need to have a great night: a tickler, a blindfold, a condom, some lube and a series of fun, informative sex games showing how to use a condom properly.

AIDS Alliance Come Together Noodles


The We Come Together campaign was developed at Bluefrog, London.

Filming was shot by director Greg Musuak via Toast TV with producers Sylvie Francis and John Gradwell, and editor John Gradwell.

Post production was done at Rushes, London, by colourist Simone Grattarola and producer Carl Grinter.

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