The Naked Truth on Breast Cancer in NZ

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is running “The Naked Truth”, a television, digital and print advertising campaign designed to show the full range of breast cancer symptoms. Plans to use the breast cancer awareness film produced for NHS in Scotland were halted when New Zealand’s Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB) advised the NZBCF that nipples are not permitted in TV advertising. Constrained by the “no nipples” ruling, the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation worked with agency Colenso BBDO to develop The Naked Truth, in which strategically-positioned pot plants, balloons and cupcakes illustrate symptoms such as skin changes, changes in size, and redness.

Naked Truth Painting

The Naked Truth campaign, which will screen throughout October, urges women to report any changes to their doctor and invites them to visit a new website,, for more education about the signs and symptoms. The symptoms all women aged 20 and over should be aware of include a new lump or thickening in the breast or armpit area, a change in breast shape or size, a pain in the breast that is unusual, a change in the skin of the breast, areola or nipple, e.g. colour, dimpling, puckering or reddening, any change in the nipple, e.g. a turned-in nipple or a discharge. Women should report these changes to their GP as soon as possible, as early detection saves lives.

Naked Truth Painting

Naked Truth Cameras

Naked Truth Painting

Naked Truth Tambourines

Naked Truth Painting

Naked Truth Nuts

Any Changes Breast Cancer Awareness Site


The Naked Truth campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, by creative chairman Nick Worthington, creative director Levi Slavin, deputy creative director/copywriter Mick Stalker, art director Beth O’Brien, designer Gene Wheaton, group account director Tim Ellis, accound manager Eileen Cosgrove-Moloney, planner Sarah Oberman, agency producer Serena Fountain-Jones, working with NZ Breast Cancer Foundation CEO Evangelia Henderson and communications advisor Liz Lyons.

Filming was shot by director Ryan Heron via Flying Fish with producer Samantha Attenborough, director of photography Renaud Maire and editor Fiona Hayden. Sound was produced at Franklin Rd. Post production was done at Mandy.

Print work was done by photographer Ryan Heron, producer Samantha Attenborough, Flying Fish, retoucher Reks Kok, designer Beth O’Brien.

Media was handled at Starcom.

Digital work was done at Xtreme Productivity by developer Jonathan Hanif and producer Christi Moller.

Music is “Spiderweb” by Matt Stalker & Fables.