Honda Live Every Litre

Honda launched the new CR-Z sports hybrid car in Europe with “Live Every Litre”, an integrated advertising campaign involving the extraordinary journeys ordinary people go on in their lives. The project, run in 2010, was centred around a co-created, crowd-sourced, multilingual film, driven by social media. Cast for the film was chosen online at, based on responses to the question, “If we gave you the keys to our new sporty hybrid car, the Honda CR-Z, what journey would you make?” Results were shared on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Honda Live Every Litre Blue

Almost 1,000 young people from 28 countries across Europe uploaded their dream journeys to in just four weeks. Facebook advertising activity generated 50,000 clicks through to (240 million impressions), 1.2 million video views, over 4,000 subscribers to our newsletter, 130,000 unique visitors (their average age was 26) to the site from 81 countries and international press coverage. A 45 minute documentary made its debut in July 2010.

Activity was supported by the recruitment of bloggers from across Europe – managed by social media agency, 90:10 Group – to a number of specific roles covering each of the key stages of the campaign. Across Honda Europe’s five key markets, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, 25 bloggers were recruited in total to comment on the Live Every Litre blog, in the weekly newsletter, as well as in their own communities.

Community members were encouraged to rate their favourite journeys, before a ‘casting blogger’ in each key market selected a shortlist based on the most highly rated entries. The shortlisted journeys were then put in front of a casting panel consisting of representatives from the production team, Honda Motor Europe and Grey. Of the 1,000 journeys submitted, 13 were chosen for inclusion in the film.

The selected journeys range from a war veteran returning to the beaches of the D-Day landings for the first time to three lads from London who wanted to try and sail a bouncy castle across Lake Garda.

Honda Live Every Litre Agent Lynch

Agent Lynch does burlesque routine in streets of Montmartre as part of the Honda Live Every Litre project. Filmed Sat 27 May in Paris. See the print ad.

Honda Live Every Litre Bouncy Castle

Three guys and a bouncy castle hijack an International Sailing Regatta on Lake Garda.

Honda Live Every Litre Sebastian skydiving

Sebastian ticks off another item on his list with a naked sky dive as part of Honda’s Live Every Litre project.

3 fans take the Heavy Metal Highway to meet their heroes in Lisbon as part of Honda’s Live Every Litre Project.

British D-Day veteran Peter returns to Normandy with his friend Len who was with him when they landed on Sword Beach, France at the end of WW2.

Each individual cast member had profile page where community members can read their stories and see the route their journey will take on the map. The site also enabled people to interact with the cast and crew by making suggestions about diversions they could take, people they could meet and places they should see along the way.

Cast and crew were kitted out with Nokia N97 minis, enabling them to upload photos and video to the Live Every Litre site via TwitPic and TwitVid whilst on the move. They were also able to publish their exact location details to the Live Every Litre Facebook fan page thanks to Nokia’s new service, Lifecasting with Ovi.


The Live Every Litre campaign was developed at Grey London, The Haystack Group, Wildfire (now The Social Partners) and 90:10 Group.

The site was designed and built by digital marketing agency, VML.

Filming was shot by director Claudio Von Planta, 2nd Cameraman Robert Alexander, editors Paul Jackson, Olivia Baldwin and Julia Frater, executive producer Tamsin Herbert, producer Jeremy Clarke, assistant producers Giles Maunsell and Mike Hatzidimou.

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