Pink Ribbon – Together We’re Stronger

Pink Ribbon, the annual magazine dedicated to the cause of beating breast cancer, has launched a print advertising campaign focusing on the women who grapple with breast cancer. Pink Ribbon Magazine, published by Sanoma, is a commercial publication that donates its profits to the cancer charity. This year the magazine hopes to raise more than €1 million, after last year’s donation of €985,000. The 2010 theme “Together We’re Stronger”, aims to unite all women against breast cancer.

Pink Ribbon - Women Create more than breast cancer can every destroy

Women create more than breast cancer can ever destroy.

Pink Ribbon - It's not a sign I almost died, it's a sign I survived

It’s not a sign I almost died, it’s a sign I survived.

Pink Ribbon - 10 years later, alive & kicking.

10 years later, alive & kicking.

Pink Ribbon - Despite my loss, I've won..

Despite my loss, I’ve won.

Pink Ribbon - The fight against breast cancer made me stronger.

The fight against breast cancer made me stronger.

Pink Ribbon - Love & friendship are immune to breast cancer.

Love & friendship are immune to breast cancer.

The associated television/online commercial takes the sentiments of women joining together to defeat breast cancer.

I have friends, you have nothing.
I give love, you give pain.
I create, you destroy.
I’ve been given life, you can only steal it.
We’re getting stronger, you’re only getting weaker.
We’re millions of women, and you, you’re just one disease.
Together we’re stronger than breast cancer.
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The Stronger campaign was developed at Grey Amsterdam by creative directors Colin Lamberton, Seyoan Vela, copywriter Pieter van den Heuvel, art director Phoebe Dawson, digital director Phoebe Dawson, account manager Catherine Dijkstra, digital producer Tim Sadjak, agency producer Ivy Lo Fo Sang.

Hazelle Klønhammer, Managing Director, Grey Amsterdam, says: “As humans we all need to feel a sense of community, a sense of belonging. There seems to be an invisible bond, an inexplicable connection, between women. Our campaign for Pink Ribbon 2010 amplifies this sense of belonging. It establishes a feeling of ‘we’re in this together’ against breast cancer, and encourages a willingness to show support.”

Filming was shot by director Johan Kramer via 328stories with executive producers Christel Hofstee and Neil Henry, editor Will Judge, director of photography Wouter Westendorp, production designers Jelier&Schaaf, Donia de Graaf. Post production was done at The Ambassadors.

Sound was produced at Wave Studios, Amsterdam. Music is by Junkie XL.

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