AIDES Graffiti Zizi

AIDES, the French organisation fighting AIDS, is promoting the use of condoms in “Grafitti”, an online commercial featuring a desperate “zizi”. AIDES was behind the campaign to enact the 1987 law that put an end to a ban on condom advertising. Thirteen years later their advertising program takes a new turn, picking up nearly 3 million views on YouTube. AIDES describes the Zizi Grafitti film as a playful and unihibited alternative to fearful and morbid approaches to AIDS advertising. Definitely NSFW.

AIDES Grafitti Ad

A pencil-drawn zizi (French slang for penis), is drawn away from the toilet door by the sight of a “zézette”. However, the phallic advances are not made welcome among the ladies. All female graffiti flee at his approach, leaving the zizi to fall into the toilet bowl. In tears, Zizi droops along the floor, climbing up on the bench to watch a real girl doing her make up. Taking pity, she uses her eyeliner pencil to draw a condom. Immediately Zizi’s luck changes.


The Grafitti campaign was developed at TBWA, Paris, by executive creative directors Eric Holden and Remi Noel, art director/copywriter Ingrid Varetz, agency producer Virginie Chalard and Maxime Boiron.

Filming was shot by director Yoann Lemoine via Wanda Productions, with executive producer Jerome Denis, and producer Olivier Glandais.

Post production was done at at Mikros Image, Paris, by animator Yves “Balak” Bigerel, designer Barthélémy Maunoury, lead 2D compositor Vincent Venchiarutti, lead 2D animator/2D compositor Remi Soyez, 2D compositor Jean Yves Parent, 3D animators Morgan Sagel, Mickael Nauzin, producer Pascal Giroux, See Barth’s design inspiration (definitely NSFW).

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