Penguins Do The Green Thing

Environmental activism group Do The Green Thing is encouraging the use of body warmth during the UK winter with a mockumentary on human penguins in the Antarctic. Nude women and men brave the icy cold of the Antarctic (or is it just the British winter?) to act out the life of the Emperor Penguins.

Human penguins in Dothegreenthing Huddle

“In this land of snow and ice no species is more resilient than the penguin. Penguins prepare for the winter by stocking up on food and increasing their body fat. Courting is done before the harsh winds arrive. In a unique ritual male penguins parade to impress a potential mate. If a female is interested the relationship is sealed with a vocal duet. But soon the shadow of winter falls. And that’s when penguins do something quite remarkable. They huddle together in a state of perpetual movement taking turns on the windward side and on the inside using collective body warmth combat the cold. With temperature of minus below seventy degrees only penguins that work together will survive.”

Human penguins in huddle

The super: “Do as penguins do. Use body warmth”. Viewers are invited to visit www.dothegreenthing where they are urged to turn down their heating systems, put on more clothes or get them off with a friend in bed. Warning – Not Safe For Work – includes full frontal male and female nudity.


Penguins was written by John Kelly and Jesper Varlen at digital agency Play, London, directed and produced at Irresistible Films, with music by Michael Mertens, mixing by Iain Grant, and narration by Australian actor Daniel Lapaine.

Human penguin eats fish in DotheGreenThing Huddle ad

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