V Says Say No To Sugar

V, the New Zealand energy drink, was promoted in its sugar free form in 2006, in a series of print advertisements featuring threatening sugar cubes being admonished by women with slim waxed legs. The tagline: “Say No To Sugar”. Sugar cubes are shown threatening to put a fork in an electric socket, reading a Penthouse magazine, photographing a topless sunbather, catching a ride behind skates, trimming grass skirts with a whipper snipper, and spying with a mirror. All inappropriate behaviour that must be stopped…

Sugar cube threatens to put a fork into an electric socket

Sugar cube reading a Penthouse magazine
Sugar cube with a camera
Sugar cube makes use of skates
Sugar cube with a whipper snipper
Sugar cube with a mirror


The Say No To Sugar campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, by art directors Barry Baker and Pic Andrews, photographer Alistair Clarke, with retouching done at Electric Art.