Davenport Cream Pies and Jelly Wrestling

Davenport underwear, manufactured in Australia by the Gazal Corporation, is featured in a cream pie fight in a TV ad released mid 2007. The plot is simple. 20 Men and women in their underwear slide down a yellow tube into a room supplied by a conveyor belt of cream pies. No instructions are required. Get everyone! The action is complicated by the arrival of jellies.

Davenport Pie Fight


The Davenport Pie Fight concept was developed at Love Communications, Sydney, by creative director Simon Reynolds, art director Mike Lind and agency producer John Lamble.

Filming was shot and edited by Ryan Renshaw via Blacklab International, with director of photography Ross Emery and producer Noelle Stevens.

Music, “Bear Wrestle”, is performed by The StickupKids vs Three K (ex Machine Gun Fellatio).

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