Cathy Freeman Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are?, the British genealogy television series, is being given an Australian flavour by SBS. Advertising the TV series is a print advertisement featuring Olympic athlete Cathy Freeman, symbolising the thousands of Aboriginal and white ancestors in her heritage.

Cathy Freeman and ancestors

This image was based on a face of a famous Australian athlete, Cathy Freeman. Features, such as eyes, eyebrows, lips and cheekbones, were etched with individual body shapes. In the studio photographer Andreas Smetana recreated the illustration in parts by shooting groups of naked talent as separate pieces of the puzzle (suggesting individual family members are pieces of the family tree puzzle). Electric Art took these separate ‘pieces of the puzzle’ and put it back together to create this image. Close up we see the nude bodies of various hues making up the face of Cathy Freeman.

Bodies in Hair of Cathy Freeman
Bodies in Eye of Cathy Freeman
Bodies in nose of Cathy Freeman
Bodies in Portrait of Cathy Freeman
Bodies in Portrait of Cathy Freeman

The Australian version of Who Do You Think You Are features Freeman and five other Australian identities – actor Jack Thompson, singer Kate Ceberano, media personality Ita Buttrose, QC Geoffrey Robertson and sports commentator Dennis Cometti.


The Who Do You Think You Are campaign was developed at Razor, Sydney, by creative director/art director Josh Moore, copywriter Nigel Clark, agency producer Danielle Solden, photographer Andreas Smetana, with retouching done at Electric Art.

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