AIDS Scorpion and Spider

AIDES, the French AIDS organisation, used a spider and a scorpion in 2004 to get AIDS on the visual agenda. Two print advertisements show sexual liaisons between a man and a scorpion and between a woman and tarantula. “Sans preservant, c’est avec le sids que vous fait l’amour”. Without precautions, it’s with AIDS that you’re making love”.

Man makes love to a scorpion in AIDS print advertisement from France

Woman makes love to a spider in AIDS print advertisement from France


This campaign was developed at TBWA\France, Paris, by creative director Erik Vervroegen, art director Cedric Moutaud, copywriter Guillaume Chifflot, photographer Dimitri Daniloff, and retoucher Christophe Huet.

Critics have panned the campaign, concerned that the victims of AIDS may be stigmatized as monsters.

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