Bluefly nude at airport for Thanksgiving

Bluefly, online retailer of designer brands and fashion trends, has launched another two television commercials featuring women who would rather go nude than wear unfashionable clothing. The TV ads were released during the premiere episode of Project Runway Season IV, a series sponsored by Bluefly. The new campaign humorously juxtaposes the universal dilemma of “having nothing to wear” with brazenly forgoing attire altogether. Brenda Strong, narrator of Desperate Housewives, provides the voiceover, finishing each ad with the line, “Always there when you have nothing to wear”.

Nude woman in Bluefly airport TV ad


In “Airport,” a woman waits patiently in the security line clutching a handful of fashion magazines. She’s asked to remove her shoes, the only thing she’s wearing, before she confidently heads to her departure gate. “Nothing to wear to LA? Well that’s one way to get through security faster!”

Family Dinner

In “Family Dinner,” a woman with no clothes joins her family for Thanksgiving Dinner. As she raises her glass for a toast, her family, understanding her fashion dilemma, act as if nothing is amiss. “Nothing to wear to Thanksgiving? You may have to rise to the occasion”.

Bluefly has a ‘Caption This’ contest on their blog, Flypaper, asking readers to leave a comment captioning the Nothing To Wear print ad. Running through to December 31, the competition has a prize of a Gucci bag to ‘strategically place over your parts’.

Readers simply “Leave a comment on this post captioning the “Nothing to Wear” print ad below — be as funny, sarcastic, or serious as you like! – and we’ll award the one we love the most with a Gucci bag to strategically place over your parts.” Responses include, “Usually Grandpa is the one without pants”, “Unlike the paparazzi, Britney’s new in-laws weren’t hung up on silly things like panties…”, and “For once, grandpa couldn’t decide whether he’s a leg man, a thigh man or a breast man.”

“We think these new ads are lighthearted and fun while speaking to what seems to be a shared complaint among most women,” said Melissa Payner, President and CEO of Bluefly. “Our closets are packed to the gills yet we have nothing to wear.”


The Bluefly advertising campaign was created at New York-based advertising firm McCaffery Gottlieb & Lane, by creative director Bill Lane, art director Sven Mohr, account director Jerry Gottlieb, account executive Alicia Kelly and media director David Fontana.

Filming was shot by Rebolucion director Luciano Podcaminsky, Argentina, via Radical Media, New York, with producer Gary Bass.

Music by Michael Montes at Sacred Noise.

The new Bluefly ads join earlier ads on Bluefly’s YouTube channel, Stuck On Style. See my earlier post on the Bluefly Catch campaign, as well as the spring 2007 Bluefly campaign at The Inspiration Room.

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