Virgin Money Everlasting Love for Seniors

Virgin Money in Australia is encouraging loyalty in the mortgage market with Everlasting Love Home Loan campaign, a series of light hearted print advertisements featuring senior citizens in loving relationships. The campaign, developed at BWM, Sydney, promotes a new mortgage which gives customers a .01 per cent cut in their rate after three years and a further .01 per cent cut after five years. See the Everlasting Love TV Ads reviewed here.

Couple embrace behind hedge

Bill and Glenys Ferguson get friendly in their garden in Lawnton, north of Brisbane. “Would it turn you on if we trimmed your rates?”

Couple embrace in Virgin Money print ad

Aleme and Osman Gjolej in the shower using only the “hand bra” to cover themselves. “Once a year we’ll give you the once over.”

Couple embrace in Virgin Money print ad

“Our love can help you make a baby”.

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