Elle MacPherson Intimates in Self Portraits

Elle Macpherson Intimates lingerie is appearing in a series of seven sexy online videos featuring home video personalities Saucer Girl, Bubble Girl, Bomber Girl, Joker Girl, Balloon Girl, Tuba Girl and Drummer Girl, each with their own MySpace and YouTube identities.

Elle MacPherson Tuba Girl

Saucer Girl practices her levitation skills on a cup and saucer on the dining room table.

Balloon Girl makes a balloon dog

Tuba Girl, an 18 year old from Hawkes Bay NZ, shows us why she should have learned the violin instead.

Drummer Girl shows us some shadow effects on her bedroom wall.

Bubble Girl blows bubbles on her bed, remembering that her mother had told her to wash her mouth out with soap.

Bomber Girl sets up an explosion in her lounge.

Sit down comedian Joker Girl tells a very risque joke.


The Elle MacPherson Intimates campaign was developed for The Names Agency by The Glue Society (director Gary Freedman and photographer Max Doyle) via Radical Media, with executive producers Maya Brewster and Gregg Carlesimo, producer Alec Sash, and director of photography Anthony Wolberg.

Post production was done at Outpost Digital by editor Ron Patane.