Christmas is Coming at Ann Summers

Ann Summers, the British chain of adult shops, is still running its controversial viral campaign from Christmas 2005, “Christmas Is Coming”. A range of women, young and old, writhe with pleasure to the sounds of the traditional Christmas carol, “O Come All Ye Faithful”. The ad turns out to be a promotion of the Ann Summers product, the Rampant Rabbit.

Orgasmic elation in Ann Summers ad

About Ann Summers

Ann Summers was named after the female secretary of the original male founder. The company is no stranger to controversy. British locals have tended to kick up a fuss wherever the company has attempted to open a new store in high profile locations. Despite the heat, or perhaps because of it, the chain has grown from strength to strength. When David and Ralph Gold bought the franchise in 1972 there were only two stores. Jacqueline Gold, David’s daughter, took the reins in 1987 and led the company to the point where Ann Summers was one of the highest performing UK ‘High St’ businesses last Christmas.

Orgasmic elation in Ann Summers ad
Orgasmic Elation in Ann Summers ad

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