Discover Breast Cancer Earlier

Brazilian government agencies cooperated in 2004 to mount a provocative print campaign to encourage prompt treatment for breast cancer. In November 2004 the Brazilian Health Secretariat (SES/RS), through the Womans Health Department, launched a national day dedicated to fighting cancer. The focus was on early diagnosis of breast cancer with the slogan, “Quanto antes você descobrir, melhor. Câncer de Mama. Tem cura”. “The earlier you discover it, the better. Breast cancer. There is a cure”.

breast cancer poster from Brazil

breast cancer poster from Brazil

The campaign was in response to a paper published in April, 2004 by the Ministry of Health, the Instituto Nacional do Câncer (INCA) and Brazilian Society of Mastolgia. The paper recommended clinical examination of breasts by trained health professionals, and mammograms as the main strategies for early diagnosis, along with self examination.


The advertising campaign was developed by Brazilian advertising agency Escala. Partners in the promotion included >Rio Grande do Sul and Saúde Para Todos (Health For All).

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