Breasts of the Netherlands

October Breast Cancer Month in the Netherlands is finding some focus in a glossy magazine, “Pink Ribbon“, and a series of viral ads featuring surprise appearances from the breasts of actresses. The Dutch public were first introduced to the viral campaign with a slip of Halina Reijn’s nipple at the premiere of Zwartboek (Black Book), a war film directed by Paul Verhoeven. Or so it appeared. Eleven seconds of sheer embarrassment made its way on to Google Video on September 12. Reijn steps up out of her limousine but discovers that her right dress strap has not kept pace.

Halina Reijn loses a jurkje strap

Needless to say the Dutch press were keen to expose their own version of Nipplegate, asking if Paul Verhoeven had rigged the stunt. On Thursday 21 September, after days of speculation, Halina revealed that the stunt video had been specially filmed to launch a campaign for Pink Ribbon, a glossy magazine produced for the benefit of breast cancer research in the Netherlands. Film crew had developed an alternative version of her arrival at the film premiere, complete with limousine and carpet.

Pink Slips

On Monday 25 September television viewers and cinemagoers began to see advertisements showing women ‘letting slip’ to the sounds of ‘Liberté’, from ‘Grand Prix’, an album by electropop Belgian band, Vive la Fête. The text for each ad, “Borsten van Nederland vragen je aandacht”, is translated in English as “The breasts of the Netherlands ask for your attention”. The ads finish with a shot of the front cover of “Pink Ribbon”. The video campaign has been followed by radio commercials and bus shelter promotions.

A primary school teacher is caught out while playing a circle game with children in the playground. A shopper is seen to be adjusting her bust in a shop security mirror. Three women reveal more than they meant to when they join in a standing ovation. The incidents continue with a woman serving in a cafeteria, a woman walking her dog in the park, a woman in an aerobics class.

A woman walking out of a supermarket drops her bags to deal with an emergency. Heads turn. In a meditative or therapeutic dance a woman realises her loose fitting dress has ceased to cover her with modesty. In a cafe a waitress and customer both deal with breasts that refuse to be contained. A chamber orchestra enjoys the joke as the viola player’s low notes lead to a low bust. The fun continues with a bus passenger, a cyclist, and more cafe patrons.

Pink Ribbon 2006 poster

Pink Ribbon 2006 poster

Pink Ribbon 2006 poster


Pink Ribbon MagazineThe Pink Ribbon ‘Breasts of the Netherlands’ campaign was developed at newly formed advertising agency, LG&F Amsterdam, by creative director/copywriter/art director Joeri Jensen, copywriters Paul Wauters and Timo Klaarenbeek, art director Stefan Ruitenbeek, strategist Marieke van den Berg, account director Alexis Verschueren, working with Pink marketing team Ard Siek Erman, Henriette Calo, Marjoram White, Fiona Cordes.

Filming was shot by director Ger Poppelaars, via Enzo Film with editor Sophie Ouds, RTV producers Annelies van Schaik and Jorrit Gerritsen.

Photography was by Kurt Stallaert.

Music was by Vive La Fête.

See the Making of the Pink Slips Films video as a 15.3 mb quicktime video.

Pink Ribbon, the magazine, focuses this year on “Life, Love and Feeling Beautiful”. All sales and advertising income from the magazine go to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, a Dutch organisation focusing on the fight against breast cancer. Pink Ribbon was edited by Sanoma Uitgevers and distributed by Zester. Approximately 30 percent of the magazine is dedicated to the topic of breast cancer. The rest, says editor Harriet Calo, is designed to provide something that radiates beauty.

Via Osocio Non-profit Advertising/Social Campaigns.

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