AIDES Baby Baby

An explicit attention-grabbing animated video clip from France has won awards and provoked thought about AIDS in the minds of teenagers and young adults. The probably NSFW commercial shows the journey of a young girl as she seeks for true love, accompanied by “Baby Baby” by The Vibrators. The ad won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions festival in June 2005.

Kiss in condoms for AIDS Awareness TV Ad

We start with a long shot zooming into a suburban home. A young girl looks out the window, hoping to build friendships with the boys playing football in the yard. She’s rejected. Perhaps the skateboarders? No joy. Now she’s years older, a teenager walking through the park ready to throw away her rag doll. The boys are now only too ready to gather around with lust in their minds. She chooses the one with love in his heart. But before they go any further he’s presented with a condom. He’s not happy. More years pass and she’s on the back of a scooter with a love-tattooed boyfriend. They perform sexual acrobatics, but the evidence shows condoms are in use. She presents him her heart but he snuffs it out with his cigarette. More boyfriends come along – a romantic turns into a sadist. A skiier fades out in boredom. An afro-wearing lover turn out to be just too large. At the moment of despair, on the edge of the bridge, comes Mr Right, perhaps at a similar point of vulnerability. The couple become bride and groom. We pan out to the home in the suburbs. The final message: Live Long Enough to find the right one. AIDES. Protect Yourself.

Live Long Enough to Find the Right One in AIDES TV Ad


The 3 minutes, 46 seconds television spot was created by agency, TBWA France, with agency producer, Christine Bouffort and creative director, Erik Vervroegen.

Filming was shot by director Wilfrid Brimo via Wanda Productions provided production and editing work with producer Claude Fayolle. Post production was done at Akama Studio.

Lyrics for Baby Baby

Mmm, you’re so pretty,
Not to talk to you would be a crime.
Aah, let me put my arms around you,
Just wanna use up a little of your time.
(And I go -) Baby baby baby,
Baby baby baby,

Baby baby baby,
Won’t you be my girl.
Aah, your eyes are so pretty,
And the clothes you wear they’re so fine.
Hey won’t you come round to my place
Just wanna use up a little of your time.

Baby Baby – The Best of the Vibrators on iTunes

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