Queer Lisboa Obscene to some

Queer Lisboa, a film festival held in Lisbon, Portugal, is promoting the 19th annual festival with “Obscene”, a film and print advertising campaign challenging prejudice toward same sex couples. The film at the heart of the campaign features a classic scene of a couple bidding farewell at a train station. Key words in the dialogue are blanked out, along with their kiss goodbye. Three print advertisements, “Station”, “Moto” and “Bench” continue the message. “Obscene to some. Beautiful to us”.

Queer Lisboa Obscene Station print advertisement

Durex Kama Sutra

Durex Japan is promoting Real Love condoms with Love 48, a 2-minute online commercial in which a wrestling couple demonstrate a range of Kama Sutra positions. Professional wrestler Tank Nagai and actress Yuki Mamiya show off 48 positions found in both sumo wrestling and in sexual intercourse, including complex positions “Shishimai” and “Kikuichimonji”.

Durex wrestling couple

Jane Pain In The Right Place

Jane Pain, a lingerie company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has run a provocative print advertising campaign featuring sexy optical illusions. Three photos present what appear to be cleavage shots, but turn out to be something else. Alongside each photo is a thumbnail image of the actual body part with the tag line: “If it can make your armpit [or knee or elbow] look sexy, imagine what it can do in the right place”.

Jane Pain Panty Elbow print ad

Comfyballs Fight For Your Balls

Norwegian underwear brand Comfyballs is running “Fight For Your Balls”, a campaign challenging American resistance to the brand name. The US Patent & Trademark Office won’t allow the company to trademark their brand due to the inclusion of the word “balls”, which is deemed to be vulgar. Comfy Balls can think of many vulgar words describing this particular part of the male body, but “balls” is not among them. They’ve made a NSWF film to underline their point.


Lastminute Sexy Delights of Europe

Lastminute.com, the travel website, is running “Sexy Delights of Europe”, an innuendo-laden online film designed to capture a bit of the buzz surrounding Valentine’s Day. Set to a classical piece of music, we’re shown naked statues and paintings, suggestive geographical features, and a range of stroking, penetrating and orgasmic symbols.

Lastminute.com Statue breast