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Libresse, the Essity Femcare brand, has picked up a Grand Clio for “Viva La Vulva”, an advertising campaign designed to encourage a healthier approach to women’s genitals. Set to the Camille Yarborough track, “Take Yo Praise” (Praise You Like I Should), the Viva La Vulva commercial has lip syncing artful representations of the vulva, from oysters to conch shells, puppets, button holes, cupcakes, origami, purses, grapefruit and more. And the women who love them – from young women to new mothers to older post-menopausal women. The commercial was initially released on the Libresse Sweden Youtube channel in November 2018, and was then rolled out across other markets, with brands including Bodyform (UK) and Nana (France).

Viva La Vulva Citrus Shell

The Viva La Vulva film doesn’t just show the beautiful and underrepresented diversity of vulvas, it actively subverts as many harmful myths, stereotypes and taboos as possible. There is a singing camel toe, to fight the societal stigma around it. A woman holds a mirror to look at her vulva, not ignore it. Barbie pops up, outraged that her genitals have been erased. The Viva La Vulva campaign has been created to foster a more open culture where women can feel proud of what they have, can feel ok about talking about their genitals and can care for it without feeling ashamed. Because quite simply, if we can’t have a positive, unashamed relationship with the most intimate part of our body, we can’t have a positive relationship with ourselves. As the Camille Yarborough track goes: ‘You make me feel like a woman, I’m so glad your mine’

The film is underpinned by the insight that women are experiencing an increasing amount of pressure and misinformation about how their vulvas look. There has been a growth in genital plastic surgery and some women even site a sense of shame or embarrassment over how their vagina looks as a reason for skipping smear tests. Over half of women feel pressure for their vulva looking a certain way and almost half of them (44%) have felt embarrassed by the way their vulva naturally looks, smells or feels. 68% of women don’t technically know what their own vulva is, with one in four completely unaware that no two vulvas should look exactly the same.

Libresse is known for its period care products and taboo-breaking period campaigns. To enter into intimate care, they needed to show they also cared for vulvas. In a culture that censors positive representations of vulvas, and with the explosion of porn culture, the myth of the perfect vulva has become a toxic issue: almost half women feel embarrassed by part of their own bodies; and labiaplasty is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world – with girls as young as 9 asking for it.

The bull’s eye target for the campaign was Libresse’s usual audience, women 18-39yo, aiming at becoming relevant to them any time of the month (beyond 5 days). The campaign reached 90% of the target audience with engagement levels 3 times higher than the previous product-led campaign and the lowest CPM for all platforms. The long film was aimed at a wider audience through earned media, to change attitudes and open conversations at scale.

Libresse Viva La Vulva Good Enough
Libresse Viva La Vulva Cervix Check

The Libresse Message

At Libresse we are convinced that each vulva is unique and that differences should be celebrated. We want you to feel proud of what you have, ranging from pubic hair to the size of your pubic lips. For shame and trouble around this small (but fantastic) part of the body can actually have a great negative impact on self-confidence. Wolves and sheaths are the core of what we do, so we use our voice to be more outspoken and open. We always explore the best ways to take care of your most intimate body parts, from giving you facts about why the interior of the vagina should never be washed to practical tips on how to avoid irritated pubic lips. Since only you yourself know what feels right about your personal intimate hygiene, we have created an assortment of daily intimate hygiene products that work in harmony with your body and the ways you choose to keep yourself clean. You may find that regular soap is too strong for the V zone and makes it dry or irritated. If so, what alternatives should you look for? All of our products take into account the V-zone’s pH balance and sensitive skin. As soon as you can forget itching and imbalance.

Viva La Vulva Oyster
Viva La Vulva Purses
Viva La Vulva Blackboard
Viva La Vulva Pawpaw
Viva La Vulva Pink Grapefruit
Viva La Vulva Embroidery
Viva La Vulva Citrus Fruits
Viva La Vulva Cupcakes
Viva La Vulva Origami
Libresse Viva La Vulva

Viva La Vulva Credits

Viva La Vulva was developed at AMV BBDO by executive creative directors Alex Grieve and Adrian Rossi, creative directors Toby Allen and Jim Hilson, art director Diego Cardoso de Oliveira, copywriter Caio Giannella, producers Edwina Dennison and Nikki Gherardi, typographer/designer Mario Kerkstra, editor Sofia Tavares, art producer Rhiannon Nicol, strategists Margaux Revol, Alaina Crystal and Bridget Angear, account management team Sarah Douglas, Tamara Klemich, Sara Abaza, Sarah Hore-Lacy, Phoebe Swan and Nina Bhayana, working with GHC Feminine Care global brand communication manager Martina Poulopati.

Media was handled by Zenith.

Filming was shot by director Kim Gehrig via Somesuch & Co with director of photography Deepa Keshvala and producer Lee Groombridge, costume designer Vanessa Coyle, casting agent Leanne Flynn, hair and make up artist Eve Coles.

Editor was Elise Butt at Trim.

Post production was done at Time Based Arts by creative director Francois Roisin, CFX producer Jo Gutteridge, VFX Supervisor Stephen Grasso, 2D team Jamie Crofts, Adam Paterson, Luke Todd, Leo Weston, Sarah Breakwell, Linda Cieniawska, Manuel Perez, Matt Shires, Bernardo Varela, Leandro Vazquez, Grant White, 3D team Ben Cantor, Dave Loh, motion graphics artists Tom Robinson, Stephen Ross, colourist Simone Grattarola.

Retouching was done at Happy Finish.

Sound was produced at 750mph by sound designer Sam Ashwell.

Music “Take Yo’ Praise” by Camille Yarbrough, was produced at Soundtree Music, licensed by Jay James, Hils Macdonald and Tom Kitson.

The commercial features pottery by Emma Low and origami art by paper-cut artist Hannah Kate Kelley.

Viva La Vulva Praise You Like I Should

Take Yo’ Praise Lyrics

We’ve come a long long way together
Through the hard times and the good
I have to celebrate you baby
I have to praise you like I should

You’re so rare
So fine
I’m so glad you’re mine
You’re so rare
So fine
I’m so glad you’re mine

You make me glad I’m a woman
Cause your a feeling thinking man
And anytime I know your needing
I’m going to please you every way I can

You’re so rare
You’re so fine
I’m so glad you’re mine
You’re so rare
And so fine
You’ve cleared the questions from my mind
I was afraid to say I love you
Afraid to take and too eager to give
You helped me deal with what I’m feeling
With why and how I want to live

You’re so rare
Man you’re so fine
You know i’m so glad you’re mine
You’re so very rare
And so fine
I’m so glad you’re mine

I have to praise you when you hold me
When you work your way around
Ain’t a part of me left over
That your sweet love ain’t found
You make my (my) moan turn to whisper
You make my whisper turn to call
You make me scream
And scream that I love you
When you (when you) make me rise and fall

You’re so rare
And you’re so fine
And I’m so very very very glad you’re mine
You’re so rare (so fine)
Oh (oh) you’re mine you’re mine
You know you know I want the best for you baby
And what you want I want for you
And we can, we can work together baby
To see it, to see it all come true

Cause you’re so rare
And you’re you’re so fine
And lord knows I’m so very glad you’re mine
You’re so rare so rare
And you’re so very very fine
Oh you cleared all the questions from my mind

We’ve come a we come a long long way together
Through the hard times and all the good
I’m going to take this day to celebrate you baby
Cause I have to stop and praise you like I should

You’re so rare, take yo praise
And you’re so fine
And I hope you know I’m glad you’re mine
Take yo praise, you’re so rare
Take yo praise, you’re so fine
Take yo praise, I’m glad you’re mine

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