FC2 Down and dirty with the female condom

Veru Healthcare is promoting the FC2 female condom with “Down and Dirty with the Female Condom”, a not safe for work commercial featuring St Louis copywriter Amanda Burch. Amanda’s pitch video was designed by advertising agency New Honor Society to sell a marketing concept to Veru Healthcare. The company liked Amanda’s performance so much they’ve brought her on as a spokesperson for the brand, online at fc2.us.com/ask-amanda and with the Twitter hashtag #GoAskAmanda. Amanda provides a performance that would make Sarah Silverman proud, addressing with honesty and humour the concerns women (and men) have about using a female condom.

FC2 Down and Dirty Ask Amanda

Concerns about the FC2 being too big and baggy are addressed with the aid of fruit and vegetable props, suggesting that the vagina can handle the shapes of a banana, carrot, zucchini, chilli pepper and even a squash. Fears that the FC2 may fall out during sex are taken on with a down and dirty talk and action, supplemented with a variety show in various states of dress and nudity.

“New Honor Society had a fearless, no-holds-barred approach to both the strategy and creative execution,” said Brian J. Groch, chief commercial officer at Veru Healthcare, in a statement. “They weren’t afraid of the subject, and they weren’t afraid of the challenge. And they knew exactly how to break through and create an authentic conversation in a category where conversations aren’t currently happening.”

FC2 Down and Dirty Ask Amanda Reasons to live a healthy vag life

FC2 Down and Dirty Credits

The Ask Amanda Down and Dirty campaign was developed at New Honor Society, St Louis, by chief creative officer Heidi Singleton, president Holly Aguirre, creative director Matt Garner, art directors Rebecca Wulf and Brenna Vaughan, copywriter/actor Amanda Burch, executive producer Derek Burr, account director Tracee Champa and account supervisor Rimante Ivoskaite working with Veru Healthcare chief commercial officer Brian J Groch and marketing manager Catherine Boland.

Filming was produced at Bad Dog Pictures, St Louis, with post production by Coolfire Studios.

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