Man Boobs for Boobs

MACMA, Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de Mama, an Argentinian Breast Cancer charity, is running TetasxTetas (Manboobs4boobs), an integrated advertising campaign in which an overweight man stands in front of a topless woman, allowing his man boobs to be used for a demonstration online breast exam. The initiative, launched on social networks, poses a double challenge: warning of a problem that each year affects about 18,000 women in Argentina, and highlighting the need to communicate in a clear and uncensored way that women can examine their breasts. “Women’s boobs, particularly their nipples, are censored in some social networks, even if what they are doing is to show a breast self-examination to reduce the risk of breast cancer. But we found boobs that aren’t censored. Henry’s”.

TetasxTetas Woman

Joaquin Cubria and Ignacio Ferioli, executive creative directors at David, said in a statement: “It’s hard to get women over 25 to examine their breasts regularly to prevent breast cancer. But it isn’t hard to make them check their phones every five minutes. Therefore, we decided to get to them. That is when we bumped into another problem: breasts are not very welcome; they are censored. Even when teaching how to perform a BSE for the early detection of breast cancer. That is where ‘manboobs4boobs’ comes in.”

TetasxTetas Man Boobs for Boobs


The Man Boobs for Boobs campaign was developed at David, Buenos Aires, by executive creative directors Joaquin Cubria and Ignacio Ferioli, copywriter Juan Pena, art director Ricardo Casal, agency producer Felipe Calvino, general account director Emanuel Abeijon, account director Lucila Castellani, account executive Brenda Ranieri, head of production Brenda Morrison Fell.

Filming was shot by director of photography Nicholas Hardy via Landia with producer Thomas Amoedo, and executive producer Adrian D’Amario. Sound was mixed at Porta Studio. Music was produced at Cluster. Editor was Ana Svarz. Colourist was Jorge Russo at Pentimento Color Grading.

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