AIDES Moi le sida

AIDES, the French AIDS awareness organisation, is running “Moi, le sida” (I AIDS), an online campaign personalising the character of AIDS on Twitter (@lesida), Grindr, Tinder, Facebook (, Instagram (@le_sida_jesuisla) and Linkedin (, with the hashtag “JeSuisLa” (I Am Here). The idea was to make AIDS a real, omnipresent and cynical character that it is still around and can affect you at any moment, everywhere you go. A virus that uses the same tools as everyone else. A commercial, “Je suis là” (I am here) presents the campaign in chilling terms. People meet on Tinder and Grindr? AIDS is checked-in everywhere too. Twitter users want more followers? AIDS follows everyone. You all share your life stories on Facebook? So does AIDS. Want to show something on Instagram? Good, because AIDS goes to the same bars as you. You’re proud of your career on Linkedin? Imagine a 32 million victims serial killer. Those interacting with Le Sida are encouraged to let him talk and then get together to shut him up.

Moi Le Sida

Moi Le Sida
Moi Le Sida
Le Sida Not Racist or Homophobic
Le Sida Carpe Diem
Le Sida Démodé? LOL
Le Sida Sea Sex Moi
Le Sida Make love not war


The AIDES I AIDS campaign was developed at WNP by digital creative director/art director Delphine Tabutin, digital creative director/copywriter Marion Thiéry, art director Eleonore Renou, CEO Éric Delannoy, account team Eric Delannoy, Fred Volhuer, Emilie Coudrat, Pierre Virlogeux, working with Christian Andreo, Antoine Henry, Fabien Barthas, Charmaine Da Costa Soares.

Filming was shot by director Gautier Billotte via WNP Studio with photographer Eleonore Renou. Sound was produced by Chez Jean and CaleSon. Voiceover is by Gaspard Proust. Music is by Ghost Dance (Frédéric Garcia).

Illustration is by Pénélope Bagieu. Social media was overseen by Raphaël Bellec and Mathilde Fredj.

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