No Condom No Sex

“No condom, no sex”. AIDES and TBWA\PARIS have produced four short films as naked and bare as they are aesthethic, each one developed in print format and targeting one of the populations at risk of HIV infection. “Pearls”, “Peas”, “Knitting” and “Puzzle” evoke the realities of long winter nights without a condom.

AIDES Pearls

Since 1987, AIDES’ rallying has been pushing public authorities to lift the taboos that were forbidding advertising for condoms. In 2006, AIDES reinvented the condom for 20 euro cents, reaffirming its fight for an accessible prevention to the largest possible number. Since then, prevention has evolved a lot. Prenvention means have multiplied and diversified, but the condom remains a major lever to reduce new infections. By emphasizing the crucial role of the condom, AIDES stays faithful to its fights : inform, enlighten, and always in its off-the-wall and provocative tone that has made its campaigns successful for almost 15 years.


AIDES has been reminding us since 1984 : everybody is concerned by the epidemic, whatever their age or their sexual orientation. 37 years is the average age of discovery of seropositivity in France. The proportion of people over 50 years who discover their seropositivity hasn’t ceased increasing since 2009. 37 % of new infections touch the homosexual community. 10% of new infections concern the 15-24 years old, which means 2 young people are affected every day.

AIDES Knitting

AIDES Puzzle

This campaign was launched on Monday 20th of October in TV (TF1, Stylia, Canal +: Planète, Jimmy, Planète A&E, Infosport etc), out of home, and digital.


The No Sex No Condoms campaign was developed at TBWA\Paris by creative director Jean-François Goize, art director Marianne Fonferrier, copywriter Antoine Colin, head of TV Maxime Boiron, art buyer Julie Champin, agency producers Jennifer Bauche, Cathy Pericone, media handler Pierre Draber, account team Anne Vincent, Véronique Fourniotakis, Marion Floch, Teddy Notari working with AIDES marketing team Christian Andreo, Antoine Henry and Charmaine Da Costa Soares.

Filming and photography were by Aurélien Chauvaud, Ilan Rosenblatt at TBWA\Else with sound director Fabrice Pouvreau. Music, “Almost Naked”, was composed by Graciano Gracy, Ireland Paje and Piot Riz.

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