Nymphomaniac Coming Soon

Nymphomaniac, the Lars von Trier feature film, is being promoted with a NSFW official trailer, along with a series of fourteen posters featuring actors posing nude in orgasmic ecstasy. The photos, by Casper Sejersen, feature Charlotte Gainsbourg as Joe, Christian Slater as Joe’s father, Connie Nielsen as Joe’s mother, Jamie Bell as K, Jens Albinus as S, Mia Goth as P, Nicholas Bro as F, Shia LaBoeuf as Jerome, Sophie Kennedy Clark as B, Stacy Martin as Young Joe, Stellan Skarsgard as Seligman, Udo Kier as The Waiter, Uma Thurman as Mrs H, Willem Dafoe as L. Nymphomaniac, to be released in Danish cinemas on December 25, features Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg), who is a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, found by Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård) beaten in an alley. Seligman takes her home to care for her, and Joe recounts the story of her life, from birth to the age of 50.

The Characters of Nymphomaniac

Nymphomaniac Charlotte Gainsbourg is Joe

Nymphomaniac Christian Slater is Joe's Father
Nymphomaniac Connie Nielsen is Joe's Mother
Nymphomaniac Jamie Bell is K
Nymphomaniac Jens Albinus is S
Nymphomaniac Mia Goth is P
Nymphomaniac Nicholas Bro is F
Nymphomaniac Shia LaBoeuf is Jerome
Nymphomaniac Sophie Kennedy Clark is B
Nymphomaniac Stacy Martin is Young Joe
Nymphomaniac Stellan Skarsgard is Seligman
Nymphomaniac Udo Kier is The Waiter
Nymphomaniac Uma Thurman is Mrs H
Nymphomaniac Willem Dafoe is L
Nymphomaniac Poster
Nymphomaniac Poster
Nymphomaniac Poster

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