KamaSutra Hardwear Condoms

Condom brand KamaSutra was looking to shed its twenty year old ‘dad’s brand’ image in India and reconnect with the youth. So they teamed up with a brand that’s as youth-centric as it gets – MTV. Together they collaborated on a quirky new range of condoms called ‘Hardwear’. Now they needed to launch the brand and get the young audience interested in KamaSutra. The name ‘Hardwear’ allowed Happy Creative in Bangalore to conceptualize a fun campaign using sexual innuendos and ‘suggestive’ handy-man tools. To stay true to the bold nature of both MTV and KamaSutra, the agency kept the communication edgy, young and colorful (pun intended).

KamaSutra Hardwear Condoms Pitch The Tent

KamaSutra Hardwear Condoms Bang On

KamaSutra Hardwear Condoms Spanner 69

KamaSutra Hardwear Condoms Socket Baby

KamaSutra Hardwear Condoms Spray the Paint


The Bang On campaign was developed at Happy, Bangalore, India, by chief executive officers Kartik Iyer and Praveen Das, COO Siddartha Roy, creative director Naren Kaushik, art director/illustrator Aswin Sridhar, copywriter Megha Ramesh, account team Ajay Kumar and Pallavi Nayak.

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