Dee Lee Doo Wooden Dildos

Iris Trstenjak, a 26 year old wood designer, has designed an all-natural, handmade and uniquely refined collection of wooden dildos called Dee Lee Doo. She’s just launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo with a goal of $10,000 to help her establish her own workshop and continue work as a designer of organic bedroom accessories. Iris believes that the industry is missing an aesthetic and 100% natural sex toy. See the Indiegogo crowd funding site, the Dee Lee Doo website and Facebook page.

Dee Lee Doo Iris Trstenjak

At this point, Dee Lee Doo is a collection of 6 diverse dildo designs as well as the so called Sonoran Whip. Each Dee Lee Doo design also comes in 6 different wood types: maple, cherry, walnut, mutenye, zebrano and mahogany. This makes a total of 42 different combinations to choose from, which should certainly make one for every taste and they are all available for pre-order via Indiegogo.

Dee Lee Doo Desk

Dee Lee Doo Jeans

Dee Lee Doo Table

Dee Lee Doo Sonoran Whip

Dee Lee Doo Group

Dee Lee Doo Group

Dee Lee Doo Group

Dee Lee Doo Group

Dee Lee Doo Group

One thought on “Dee Lee Doo Wooden Dildos”

  1. Dear Iris Trstenjak,

    We are a Dutch company selling special sex items.
    De wooden dildo could be a interesting addition.
    If you are interested to sell you product using our company logistics and website please contact us.

    Best regards,
    Macchina Pioggio
    +31 6 43 66 18 65

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