HIV Foundation Places

HIV Foundation/AIDS Council Finland is running two commercials, a follow-up to the “HIV Foundation Places” print advertising campaign from earlier in the year. The campaign is designed to highlight just how little people know about the personal histories of their sexual partners. The two spots depict a sexy, slow-burn seduction interrupted by an unwelcome Facebook-esque notification at the crucial moment. “The new films are a follow up to our previous “PLACES” print campaign that went viral all over, got picked by Creativity and banned by Facebook, etc, so the bar was pretty high,” explained McCann Worldgroup Helsinki CEO Petteri Lillberg. “The idea is still very simple and straightforward. If you don´t know who’s checked in before you, use a condom.”

HIV Foundation Places commercial - Ryan Smith and 19 others were here

HIV Foundation Places Man
HIV Foundation Places Woman
HIV Foundation Places Gay Man


The HIV Foundation Places campaign was developed at McCann Worldgroup, Helsinki, Finland, by art director Jyrki Poutanen, copywriter Timo Silvennoinen, photographer Jari Riihimäki, graphic designers Kari Mikkonen, Kim Takala, Piia Seppälä, agency producers Jyrki Poutanen, Yrjö Haavisto, and creative strategist Petteri Lillberg.

Filming was shot by director/producer/editor Ragnar Jansson via Ragnar Jansson Productions with director of photography Niklas Nyberg, camera assistant Erik Ericsson, stylist Patrik Brodin and makeup artist Regina Törnwall.

Animation was produced at Fake Graphics by Sami Syrjä. Online work as done at Post Control by Markus Johnson.

Sound was produced by Mark Nyberg. Music is by Husky Rescue.

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