A Weapon to Eliminate AIDS

AIDES in France would like to remind everybody the importance of AIDS testings. In this film, the hand of each character appears in the shape of a gun. Indeed, we all have a weapon to make Aids disappear. Only a drop of blood from the fingertip and 30 minutes are needed to have an AIDS testing. If each of us has this easy and quick testing, AIDS will disappear.

AIDES Weapon to Eliminate HIV

“Today, we all have a weapon to eliminate AIDS: a drop of blood at the tip of the finger and thirty minutes are enough for an AIDS test. If everyone takes it, AIDS disappears”. The voice-over resounds at the end of this ad which is full of cinematographic references and nods to action films and thrillers. With AIDES, testing is a simple, friendly, quick and accessible service for those who need it most.


The Guns commercial was developed at TBWA\France, Paris, by executive creative directors Eric Holden and Rémi Noël, art director Sébastien Skrzypczak, copywriter Stéphane Kaczorowski, agency producer Guillaume Faurel

Filming was shot by directors Jules et Joseph via Cosa with producer Julien Rigoulot, director of photography Erwan Elies. Post production was done at OTRA by editor Camille Delamarre.

Sound was designed by Benoit Dunaigre and Fabrice Pouvreau at TBWA\ELSE. Music is “Tick Of The Clock” by Chromatics.

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