AIDES Sexy Fingers Online

AIDES, the French HIV/AIDS awareness organisation, is running “Sexy Fingers”, an cheeky digital advertising campaign encouraging people to use their finger to get tested for AIDS. Colorful and NSFW illustration by Jean-Michel Tixier, animated and set to music by Flairs, is used at the heart of an interactive site,, an online video and an Android smartphone application. “With just a finger, you can also test for HIV”.

Sexy Fingers site

Sexy Fingers

Sexy Fingers the Android Application

Play the Rubber Band

Sexy Fingers Play the G String

Sexy Fingers Do the Monokini Whistle


The Sexy Fingers site was developed at JWT Paris by creative director Ghislain de Villoutreys, art director Elodie Matyjasik and producer Charlotte Saint-Paul.

Illustration and animation by Jean-Michel Tixier (J-M Tixier) was produced at Frenzy, Paris. The website was designed at Anonymous, Paris. Music is by Flairs, Paris.

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