AIDES Willy The Tourist

French AIDS awareness agency AIDES has launched “Willy The Tourist”, an animated commercial featuring a travelling penis. “Introducing Willy, the tourist with a lot of frequent-flier miles. Indefatigable and cute, he is a good reminder for all of us to stay safe.”

AIDES Willy The Tourist

AIDES Willy The Tourist in China
AIDES Willy The Tourist with Leaning Tower of Pisa
AIDES Willy The Tourist on Easter Island
AIDES Willy The Tourist Protect Yourself


The Willy The Tourist campaign was developed at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners by executive creative director Erik Vervroegen, art directors Antonio Marcato and Raphael Milczarek, copywriter Will Elliott, agency producer MJ Otto, account director Francois Grouiller, account manager Thibaud Vincent-Genod, account operations team Natalie Kassab, Renee Fisher, business director Bess Cocke and executive assistant Jodi Maxwell.

Animation was produced at Seagulls Fly by director/art director Luciana Jordão, co-director/editor/compositor Luciana Fintelmam, storyboard artists Marco Teixeira and Renan Lima, concept artists Ciro Sollero, Flavio Monteiro, Igor Maia, José Feijó Menezes, Paulo Visgueiro, Ramon Saroldi and Rodolfo Perissé, lead character animator/3D artist Alan Camilo, 3D artists Fabricio Moraes, Felipe Lobo, Felipe Luis, Fernando Reule and João Victor Ferreira, executive producer Yogi Graham, producer Jay Redmond, assistant producers Tatiana Fernandes and Nina Prochaska.

Music was produced at Big Foote by executive producer Paul Seymour, composer Kari Steinert, sound designer Matt Hauser and producer Chris Jordao.

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