AIDES World of Sex

AIDES, the French HIV/AIDS prevention non-profit organization, is running “Welcome to the World of Sex”, a campaign promoting safe sex, awareness and behavioural changes through innovative and provocative imagery. London illustrator Rod Hunt has designed a NSFW Sex Theme Park map with the tagline “The safer you play, the longer you stay”, taking a humorous and revealing approach to the world of human sexuality and safe sex. “The World of Sex is full of both pleasure and risk. Protect yourself from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases by always wearing a condom”.

AIDES Welcome to the World of Sex


The World of Sex campaign was developed at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, by executive creative director Erik Vervroegen, associate creative director/copywriter Spencer Riviera, art director Chris Valencius, associate creative director/art director Nick Spahr, art buyer/producer Kelly Grubb and illustrator Rod Hunt .

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