Pink Ribbon Girls Should Never Be Parted

Breast cancer awareness magazine Pink Ribbon has launched a new print and video advertising campaign in the Netherlands featuring shots by British photographer Rankin. “Girls should never be parted”, the tagline of the campaign, is connected with photographs of women with two bare breasts. The print campaign includes poems celebrating the friendship between two breasts, ending with an encouragement to buy Pink Ribbon Magazine, a charity glossy magazine raising funds for The Pink Ribbon Foundation, Netherlands.

Pink Ribbon Eva and Faye

This is Eva and this is Faye
who grow closer together every day.
They just hang around without a clue
that one day they’ll feed a baby or two.
Eva is smaller she won’t disagree
but with the right clothing nobody will see
They share a life, do everything together
Let’s hope that remains true forever.

Pink Ribbon Ellie and Claire

This is Ellie and this is Claire
Sixty years young and still a pair.
Apart from a mole, almost the same.
As young as ever – they would claim.
They still think about lovers they shared,
clothing perfume and a life without care.
After all these years still good in their skin
Thank for life, still a twin.

Pink Ribbon Lizzie and Marlies

“Lizzie and Marlies, two friends with a heart,
born on the same day, never apart.
Sharing their lives, and all of their things,
from lovers to the sweaters they hide themselves in.
Free on the beach, covered in town.
Happy to know that each other’s around.
Because big, small, dark or fair,
breasts are born to grow old as a pair.”

The TV commercial (NSFW) online at YouTube features a range of pairs of breasts, increasing in size over thirty seconds.


The Girls campaign was developed at Grey Amsterdam by executive creative directors Colin Lamberton and Seyoan Vela, copywriter Pieter van den Heuval, art director Ecco Vos, designer Phoebe Dawson, strategy director Martijn Benschop, account team Silvia Lenberger and Eva Cortenbach, art buyer Anita Hammer and photographer Rankin.

Filming for the video was shot by director Chris Palmer via Gorgeous.

Seyoan Vela, who along with all contributors donated his time for free, said: “Everybody knows breast cancer is dangerous, that it should be taken seriously, that therapy and research need funding. Breast cancer, and the battle against it, is something that unites all women.”

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