Durex Desire in the Air

Marketers for condoms have to overcome the perception that their products make people less sexy. SSL Healthcare in France worked with McCann Paris to create an advertising campaign for Durex with the tag line, “Les preservatifs qui donnent envie”, “condoms that generate desire”.

Durex packet in French commercial

A couple’s intimate moment involves removing the empty Durex container, which becomes a play thing of the wind. The empty packet evokes sexual desire in those who witness its arrival. The soundtrack, which appears to mimic the style of Abba, finishes with the line, “You can be the queen”, perfectly placed for the final scene.


SSL Healthcare staff included marketing manager Emma Berger and groupo chief Emmanuel Bidault.

McCann France, Paris, by creative director Mike Zonneberg, creatives Philippe Pinel and Frederick Lung, managing director Jean-Philippe Martzel, senior program manager Gorana Garaveski, program manager Thomas Ferrare, TV producer Lionel Courtiaud.

Filming was shot by Cesar Pesquera via Satellite My Love

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