Love Life Check on Past

The Federal Office of Public Health (Bundesambt für Gesundheit Switzerland) and Swiss Aids Federation is running a new advertising campaign encouraging men and women use the website to check their love life. Three print ads show couples surrounded by what we assume to be previous sexual partners. “If the past’s interfering with your relationship: 1. No intercourse without a condom. 2. No sperm or blood in the mouth. Love life. Stop AIDS.”

Love Life Bedroom Past

Love Life Bathroom Past
Love Life Family Past


The Past Check Your Live campaign was developed at Euro RSCG Switzerland by creative director Petra Bottignole, copywriter Serge Deville, art director Ondrej Maczko, account managers Siegrun Meier, Nathalie Pasternak
Marc van der Heijden. Photography was by Anoush Abrar.

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