Doc Morris Dictators

A German campaign for Doc Morris condoms has triggered an international dispute, leading Grey Worldwide Dusseldorf to apologise for offence caused to China. The March 2009 campaign shows Mao Zedung, Osama Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler in sperm form, needing to be stopped with 1 latex condom, extra safe.

Doc Morris Hitler condom ad

The apology, released on April 17, reads as follows:

Recently an ad execution from Grey Germany, which has never appeared in any paid media, found its way to Internet websites devoted to showcasing advertising. We have asked that the ad be taken down immediately. We understand that the ad offended the sensibilities of people in China for its visual reference to Chairman Mao. Grey has offered a heartfelt apology and formally contacted the Chinese embassy in Germany to assure them this unauthorized ad will never run. We have the utmost respect for China, its people, culture and institutions.

Doc Morris Osama condom ad
Doc Morris Mao condom ad


The Doc Morris campaign was developed at Grey Worldwide, Dusseldorf, Germany, by creative director Lindsay Cullen, creative director/copywriter Jorn Sonneberg, art director Eric Straub, and illustrator Klaus Knuth

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