Brava Breasts for Home Made Boobs

The BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System is promoted by Venus in Thailand with a series of humorous print advertisements, suggesting ways to produce instant home-made boobs. Far East DDB, Bangkok, was given the challenge of promoting a breast enhancement and enlargement option that actually grows a woman’s own natural breast tissue in the privacy of her own home. You can see the progression of the creative thought, moving from a woman’s own tissue (Recyclable), through to using her own socks (No Extra Time), and attaching condoms (One-night stand).

Brava Tissue Boobs

Brava Sock Boobs

Brava Condom Boobs


The Brava Breasts campaign was developed at Far East DDB, Bangkok, by creative director Sunee Chaijriaraks, copywriter Napon Nainuan, art director Phasu Chitrakorn and photographer Songvit Bandhusevi.

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