Axe Shower Gel in Church

Axe Shower Gel, the Unilever soap product marketed to young men, is again promoted as the vital sex appeal ingredient for men who hope to attract women in ‘Church’ (Iglesia), a TV advertisement filmed in Argentina. A young man showers with pink soap before heading out to propose marriage to the girl of his dreams. To make the occasion more romantic, he tows a portable church (or wedding chapel) behind his car. But does his girl appreciate the gesture? No! Time after time, girl after girl, the church has no effect. Finally he realises what the problem has been: he’s been thinking like a woman.

Church towed in Axe shower gel tv ad

The voiceover and text: “Women’s soap makes you think like a woman (written in pink). New Axe Shower Gel. The Axe Effect is now in your bathroom. (written in blue)”. We see the guy using Axe shower gel. For some reason there are two scantily clad girls with him in the shower providing a lathering service.


The Axe Church ad was developed at Vegaolmosponce, Buenos Aires, by general creative director Hernan Ponce, creative directors Rafael D’Alvia and Sebastian Stagno, art director Pedro Losada, copywriter Jose Pereyra, head of TV Roberto Carsillo and agency producer Selva Dinelli.

Filming was directed by Luciano Podcaminsky via Rebolucion, Buenos Aires, with executive producer Patricio Alvarez Casado, producer Claudia Ferrero and director of photography Cristian Cottet.

“My main idea was to do everything in camera with no post-production at all,” Podcaminsky told Shots. “So all the difficulties came from the construction of the church and the fact that we had to choose very carefully all the routes and streets for the church because they had to have no wires or things that would obstruct the church as it moved around the city.”

Post Production was done at Metrovisión under the supervision of Luis Staffolini. Editor was Diego Panich. Sound was designed and mixed at No Problem.

Proposal goes wrong in Axe shower gel tv ad

Lyrics for Axe Church Ad

Every time when I want to be with you
I look around just to find all the things that you love
In the end you know when I ask for the things
It’s just a little game, a little game