Bluefly Nudes with Nothing To Wear

Bluefly, fashion and lifestyle e-commerce website, launched its new spring print ad campaign featuring naked women in public spaces, unnoticed and unselfconscious. The tagline on each print advertisement, “That’s why I Bluefly”, is a response to the repeated scenario, “Nothing to wear”.

Bluefly Opera print ad

Bluefly is asking the question, “Would a woman rather go undressed than poorly dressed?”

“Bluefly realizes that fashion plays a key role in self-expression. The clothing we choose to wear often defines who we are, or who we aspire to be. Bluefly celebrates the importance of individuality and recognizes that these personal choices affect how people feel about themselves and how others perceive them. Without that crucial form of expression, people are simply naked.”

Bluefly train station print ad

Melissa Payner, President and CEO of Bluefly, said, “This campaign is not about nudity. It’s about feeling naked, which is very different. These days more than ever, what you wear is inextricably linked to who you are. Without the ‘right’ clothes we experience an identity crisis. So our tagline ‘That’s Why I Bluefly’ is the perfect antidote for this condition.”


New York based advertising firm McCaffery Gottlieb & Lane worked with Danish photographer, Leif Schiller, to shoot Bluefly’s spring advertising campaign.

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