Mamazone Breast Cancer Posters

Mamazone, one of Germany’s leading breast cancer research organisations, was supported last year by Y&R Germany in the development of public service print ads. Röntgen-Model, (also known as X-Ray Beauty) features a model’s breast seen through an x-ray. The poster is designed to encourage women to use mammograms, appealing to a sense of beauty and security. The tagline, “Gewissheit ist das Schönste”, translates as “Certainty is the most beautiful”. Klammerbrust, a gold-award-winning poster, features the image of a breast marred by two staples. The staples represent the tumours in a breast that can only be found with a mammogram.

Mamazone Röntgen-Model X-Ray Beauty

Klammerbrust breast cancer print ads with staples for Mamazone


The Mamazone poster campaign was developed at Y&R Germany, Frankfurt, by creative director and copywriter Christian Daul, art director Monika Spirkl, agency producer Katrin Eisenberg, advertising managers Ursula Goldmann-Posch and Doris Schmitt, and art buyer Britta Joh.

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