Nikki Cappelli in Super Bowl Entries has been the talk of advertising circles in the lead up to the 2006 Super Bowl. Will they get an advertisement approved by ABC and the NFL? The fuss began a year ago with the controversy over the first television commercial in which Nikki Cappelli lived dangerously with her halter strap. So what’s been appearing before the censorship hearing in recent months? Nikki wardrobe malfunction

The 2006 NFL Playoffs have been linked with the advertisements featuring a sensual window washer. As in 2005, the ‘uncensored’ version has been available only on the internet. Time will tell what provides for viewers for the 2006 SuperBowl, on television screens and online. The ad opens in a congressional Broadcast Censorship hearing into Super Bowl advertising, held in Salem Massachussetts. Obviously a reference to the fall out from the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. I wonder if there’s a reference to the Salem Witch Trials.

Mr Bob Parsons: “Miss Cappelli”
Nikki: “Yes I’d like to be on a commercial.”
Parsons: “What will you be advertising?
(Bob Parsons is the name of the founder and president of
Nikki: Go Daddy Dot Com
As she leans over her halter strap breaks.
Nikki: Oh my gosh. It’s a site where you can register dot com domains for only eight dollars and ninety five cents a year.
Ms. Eleanor Flatow asks, “And what exactly will you be doing on this commercial?”
Nikki: “I can do a routine where I went like this.” (She dances around with arms in the air).
Mr Tom Rossano (name of a Hungry Man Executive Producer) says, “Surely by now you must realise that you’re upsetting the committee.”
Nikki: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset the committee.”
A member takes a puff from his oxygen mask.
The super: “See more coverage at Go”
Ms Flatow says, “May I suggest a turtleneck?”

The advertisement pointed viewers to where they were given details on domain hosting. Also popular after the advertisement ran was Hot Points, the personal blog of Bob Parsons, founder and president of


The February 2005 television campaign was designed by The Ad Store by creative director/copywriter Paul Cappelli, copywriter Aaron P. Brown, agency producer Scott J. Weitz. Nikki Cappelli was played by Candice Michelle, of World Wrestling Entertainment. The name for the character came from the daughter of Paul Cappelli, creative director and copywriter for the ad, and CEO and founder of The Ad Store.

Filming was shot by director Bryan Buckley via Hungry Man with executive producers Stephen Orent (NY) and Dan Duffy (LA), line producer Francis Weiner and director of photography Adam Beckman.

Editor was Colby Parker Jr at Whitehouse Post with Ayelet Leibovitch and producer Corina Dennison. Music and sound design were engineered by Tom Jucarone at Sound Lounge.

The Adstore spot for Broadcast Hearing, won a silver Hugo award in the category of dot com companies at the 2005 Chicago International Television Competition. However in May Parsons announced that he had let The Ad Store go and formed his own company, GoDaddyProductions to make regular commercials such as Art Class and Car Wash.

Online at

Two years of advertising are available in swf format online at, including Window Washer, Broadcast Hearing, Car Wash, Art Class, Bob & Candice, Rodeo, Disc Jockey, Caterer, Biker, and Paparazzi.’s Quest for Super Bowl XL is outlined on a special Timeline page with storyboards and Flash videos for each of the failed bids. The 14th and final attempt is called “Kissing Booth”. Three creatives sit around a board room table lamenting another network’s refusal to air their commercials. The solution – sending in the GoDaddy girl. As the music switches to the 1812 Overture, the camera cuts to the commercial showing on the large wall screen behind the creatives. We see the face of a network executive, with his voiceover expressing concern over the woman’s halter strap. “I hope it’s not like last year. Please stay on.” We see stitches being unravelled…

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